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“We support the Crown Hydro project. Prevailing-wage, green construction jobs are important to our members, and will be increasingly important to our nation’s economic recovery.”

Bill McCarthy, Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, AFL CIO

“We live in the Whitney Landmark Residences, which was the Standard Mill built in 1879 and is the building closest to the proposed Crown Hydro site. Mississippi River water powered the milling machines for half a century and the tail race still exists. Crown Hydro has answered all of our many questions and we approve the project, but our voices are small. You can help restore power production in our back yard, near the people who use it! Wouldn’t it be marvelous to marry the turbine technology of the nineteenth century with the electrical infrastructure of the twenty-first century? It will be educational, economical and ecological.”

Susan Hanna Bibus and Stephen Bibus, Whitney Landmark residents

“My initial knowledge of Crown Hydro was positive and I have not heard nor seen anything in subsequent years that changed my mind.”

Carol Kummer, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioner

“Crown Hydro revives an historic use of the river – providing energy to build the city. With the 21st century demand for clean, renewable energy, this is a project whose time has come.”

Michael Noble, Fresh Energy

“I support Crown Hydro. This is just the sort of project I would like to see in my back yard. As a society, we need to come together and find ways to build lots of these small, clean, distributed generation projects.”

Alexandra Mertens, RiverWest resident

“With unemployment reaching close to 50% in the construction industry, a project like Crown Hydro will do a lot to get our members back to work.”

Adam Duininck, International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 49

"Crown Hydro can be a real showcase for renewable energy and a great asset to the riverfront development."

Bill Grant, Izaac Walton League

“I support Crown Hydro because it is exactly the kind of small, distributed hydro energy generation we want. It has none of the negative ecological impacts and environmental justice issues associated with large hydro dams.”

Ken Bradley

“I urge our elected leaders to support Crown Hydro. Committing to clean energy is no longer a political question with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. It is the great moral calling of this generation and will define the legacy we hand down to our children and grandchildren.”

Charise Canales, Southwest High School Green Team

“Crown Hydro could be a great place to teach about hydro power.”

Jeff Marr, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota





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